A Learning Experience for Compressed Earth Blocks

By July 15, 2016Uncategorized

If you have ever searched for compressed earth blocks on the internet I am sure you have had that overwhelming feeling of being swamped in very technical information overload. Over the years we have been analyzing and innovating through looking at the entire compressed earth block process. Through this process we have developed and diversified ourselves with simple, robust, and affordable cutting edge compressed earth block production technology. We also revolutionized soils analysis and mix design through our Soils Analysis Mobile Testing Lab that is easily carried into the field and is soon to be linked to software that will be able to provide mix designs that will yield compressed earth blocks who’s properties will be accurately predicted and correlated to already existing building regulations and standards. Click this link for more info on that exciting project.

We also discovered that the educational process was broken. Across the internet there is a tremendous fragmentation of process information, techniques and research pertaining to compressed earth blocks. Much of the information available is densely written technical documents and or opinions and recommendations from the field which are usually just the basics but do not lend to digging deeper and really exploring and understanding what is involved with the compressed earth block production and construction processes without needing to invest the amount of time it might take one to achieve a degree or two. To help provide the world with a better more dynamic resource to explore and learn about the compressed earth block process we have been working very hard in collaboration with 9 Digit Productions to create this Educational Earth Block Experience.

We hope that you will be able to find the new dwellearth.com to be a great learning resource for you to further explore the amazing building system that is compressed earth blocks. The projects, visions, and needs of those who we talk to everyday is the heartbeat of Dwell Earth and we greatly value all the input and conversations that help us to continue to serve you better.

Take a look around and we look forward to hearing what you think about it and learning what we can help you build.


  • Thomas Ottosen Jr says:

    Hey Adam, Bob and everyone else!

    Great to see these improvements you have made on the website.
    I have learned a lot from you guys, and I am happy to see that I can continue to learn through this site, and my own experiences.

    I still believe that another great addition to this website, and the earth building community as a whole, would be a message board / forum.
    Us earth-nerds need a place where we can share ideas, experiences, projects and invitations.
    I really love to be a part of this community (dirt is my passion), but I would love to be able to connect with other people to share it with!

    I know you guys have already thought about this – just wanted to let you know that Im still out here cheering for that project 😀

    Talk to you soon,


    • Dwell Earth says:

      We are working to get a forum for compressed earth block discussions up soon. We look forward to seeing some pictures from your project. Stay DIRTY 🙂

  • Paulo S. Remulla says:

    Good Evening Dwell Earth!

    Glad to see this interesting information about Compressed Earth Block (CEB). Currently, I am a civil engineering student in the Philippines, I am researching more information about CEBs for our Thesis. But I’ve encountered a problem in your website, the link to Soil Analysis Mobile Testing Lab is not working. Hoping if I could see some information about it, so I can cite it in our thesis and acknowledge your group as well! Thank you!