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Compressed Earth Blocks

What are Earth Blocks?

Earth Blocks, often referred to as compressed earth blocks (CEB) or stabilized compressed earth blocks (SCEB), are a high-quality construction material made from locally sourced soil containing clay. With proper mix design and 4 – 8% cement, Compressed Earth Blocks can meet and exceed compressive strength requirements for cement block in the United States.

Compressed Earth Block Advantages


Strong & Durable

Dwell Earth equipment and processes produce the highest quality Earth Blocks in the world. Earth Blocks can meet and exceed concrete block strengths that are produced locally and greatly exceed locally made country fired brick strengths. Our building system is reinforceable allowing modern engineering designs to be applied so that buildings can withstand even the most disastrous circumstances.


Long History

Earth is the oldest building material known to man. Since the beginning of time people all over the world have been using the dirt under their feet to make quality structures. The oldest standing and continually inhabited buildings in the world are made of earth. Earth Blocks bring the added benefit of engineering and design to modernize this age old building method.



Earth Blocks are all natural and will not emit toxic gases from glues and preservatives as many other building materials do. Earth Blocks create buildings that are able to naturally regulate heat and humidity inside the structures they create. This regulation of humidity greatly increases indoor air quality which is the cause of many common illnesses often attributed to the seasons.



Earth Blocks have the lowest embodied energy of any building material. They have the smallest carbon footprint and can easily be made to be carbon neutral. Earth Blocks make the most energy efficient structures by taking the strain off of heating and cooling systems.


Cost Effective

Producing Earth Blocks locally helps to eliminate transportation costs. Cement content is greatly reduced to make Earth Blocks as strong or stronger than other materials available locally. Earth Blocks also reduce lifecycle costs of building operations by creating more energy efficient structures.


Environmentally Friendly

Compressed earth blocks have the lowest embodied energy of any building material and create structures that are superior in energy efficiency. Earth Blocks are able to regulate temperature and humidity naturally so less energy is required to maintain a comfortable indoor environment.

Compressed earth blocks

Earth Block Process

Dwell Earth equips and educates organizations and local people to convert dirt into building blocks to create quality structures made with Compressed Earth Blocks. We we like to keep things simple so we call them Earth Blocks for short.

Soils Science - Do I have the right dirt?

The first step to making great Earth Blocks is to ensure that you have the right soil to build with. Usually if you have soil that sticks to your shoes when wet you have good soil to make Earth Blocks. Click the button below for some easy free soil tests to get an idea of your soil properties.

Soils Testing

How much do Earth Blocks cost?

The cost of your Earth Blocks depend on local conditions. We have developed a tool to help you better understand what producing Earth Blocks at your location. Click the button below to provide us with some basic information so that we can run some numbers and provide a summary for you.

Get Your Block Cost

Producing Earth Blocks

Producing great Earth Blocks is not magic. Learn the steps that are involved in producing Earth Blocks for a project and get a better idea of what your project needs are. We have developed processes that maximize job creation and also offer equipment options that help automate the process and reduce labor requirements.

Producing Earth Blocks

Building with Earth Blocks

Building with Earth Blocks is similar to other masonry systems. This building material although more energy efficient, cost effective, and environmentally friendly still needs to be designed and built appropriately for local conditions. Click the button below to see some design and construction techniques used to build great Earth Block structures around the world.

Earth Block Spec Sheet
Earth Block Building Videos
Building With Earth Blocks

Training Opportunities

Our industry leading trainings bring you the latest in Earth Block technology. This training opportunity provides the most comprehensive skills and tools for soil selection, mix design, block production and building techniques.


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We Offer Online & In Person Training Support

Learn at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home, or hands on at our training facility near Austin Texas

Our industry leading courses provide you with the fundamental knowledge necessary for making quality Earth Blocks.

Learning with us will give you the ability to use the materials beneath your feet to build solid Earth Block structures.

"The Dwell Earth equipment line is the best quality compressed earth block equipment on the market. They make it easy to learn about the process and make the best equipment purchase decision to fit my specific project needs."

"The Soil Analysis Kit is awesome. It is detailed and very helpful in determining soil quality at different locations quickly and easily."

"Dwell Earth is the best compressed earth block resource in the world. They are innovating the entire process and making it easy."

"This is a testimony that the Dwell Earth building technology is a game changer for many developing nations including my own nation of Liberia."

"A big thank you to the Dwell Earth Team for your thoroughness, care and support in teaching us about Earth Blocks. Excellent customer service!"

"This training was more than worth it!!!"

"I have been a traditional adobe builder for 35 years and really enjoyed learning this new (to me) system using earth to build with. Thanks for your great efforts and hard work for our behalf."

“Dwell Earth Training, experience and recommendations are essential for my success.”

“Dwell Earth’s service and support is heads above the rest and makes them feels like our partner.”

“Dwell Earth takes the time to understand our needs and teach us. Their processes and procedures make learning how to make good compressed earth blocks easy and understandable.”

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